A Nuclear Balance: UC Berkeley’s MEng program and full-time work

by Joshua McCumber

Thanks to the breakthroughs in a variety of other fields, such as Physics, Materials Science, and Computing, there is now a bevy of nuclear fusion reactor concepts and designs. But the reality of this carbon-free, safer, less proliferation-prone alternative is still elusive.

How I discovered nuclear engineering

Vallecitos Nuclear Center was the site of the first privately owned electricity generating nuclear reactor. The site is comprised of the Vallecitos Boiling Water Reactor (VBWR), Empire State Atomic Development Agency Vallecitos Experimental Superheat Reactor (EVESR), General Electric Test Reactor (GETR) and the GE-Hitachi nuclear test reactor (NTR).

Entering the Master of Engineering program at UC Berkeley

Joshua’s team and advisors accepting an award from UC Berkeley’s Fung Institute for Engineering Leadership.

At Berkeley, the intellect and curiosity of fellow students were the best I have ever experienced.

The UC Berkeley High Flux Neutron Generator (HFNG).

Capstone project learnings

My Capstone project afforded me the opportunity to expand my knowledge base considerably.

My next chapter: Phoenix LLC

Phoenix’s vision will be realized, thanks to skills that were enhanced by my time in the MEng program.

Phoenix neutron generator.

The future of nuclear

The nuclear future is fusion.

Joshua with one of the current Phoenix builds.

Pursue your passions and do not be afraid to go for it.



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