Advisor Feature: Douglas Hutchings, Squishy Robotics

Edited Ashley Villanueva

Douglas Hutchings with his two Capstone teams at the 2019 MEng Capstone Showcase. (Photo: Golnaz Shahmirzadi)

What is your advising philosophy?

What was the most memorable moment with your team?

What’s unique about Berkeley MEng students compared to students from other universities?

What led you to propose an MEng Capstone project?

How did you go about recruiting your team?

Photo: Adam Lau/Berkeley Engineering

What advice would you give to industry partners who’ll be advising a Capstone team in the future?

How will your project be different next year? What are you planning on doing different next year?

How did the Capstone team advance this technology? What was their major accomplishment? How can next year’s team continue the work?

About Douglas’s Capstone teams:

Impact-Resistant Sensing Solution for Disaster Monitoring

Rapidly Deployable Autonomous Mobile Robots for Disaster Rescue



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