Fung Feature: Youhee Choi, MEng ’18 (IEOR)

On how she pivoted into tech, advice for aspiring PMs, and her tips to beat the stress.

Youhee Choi, MEng ’18 (Industrial Engineering and Operations Research), second from the left.

On her career before MEng:

Youhee, center, with flowers from her fellow MEng classmates after performing with her Modern Dance Class.

On her MEng experience:

“I love to have fun and travel — I try to allocate at least 20% of my time to fun.”

On Product Management:

On Advice for Aspiring PMs:

“Networking is super important — I find time to go to events or network in San Francisco at least every other week.”

On her Love for Social Impact:

On Being a Woman in Tech:

What’s Next for Youhee:



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