Introducing the student representatives for the Class of 2020

Five of the seven Career Representatives at the 2019 MEng Alumni Brunch.

Each MEng class elects Academic, Career, Social and Communications Representatives. These representatives foster community within and among the classes and put forth the extra time and effort to plan and run various events.

Career Representatives

The MEng Career Representatives serve as the conduit between the Career Development Team and the students, helping to deliver information, activities and events that support the MEng student’s career and job search journey. They collaborate on career activities with the program office to organize, staff and promote networking and programming events.

Heqing is an MEng student in IEOR. Originally from China, Heqing went to UW-Madison (Go Badgers!) for his undergrad and worked as a Business Intelligence Consultant in Chicago for two years. He is passionate about assisting others in achieving their career goals. Heqing likes to run and hike in the summer, and snowboard in the winter. You can often find him in the RSF, Shires Hall and hopefully the wilderness of Lake Tahoe.

Janelle Lines is a Master of Engineering student in the EECS department at UC Berkeley. Janelle graduated from UC San Diego in 2018 with majors in Bioengineering and Physics. Following her graduation, Janelle worked as a software engineer for a year at a biomedical device company called Instrumentation Laboratory (IL) in the greater Boston area. She is now attending UC Berkeley to study EECS with a specialization in Data Science and Systems. During her time at UCSD and in industry, she led multiple successful projects in the fields of machine learning and data science. Her most notable accomplishment was the design of an autoencoder neural network for anomaly detection in medical device performance at IL. Janelle has a passion for incorporating authentic leadership and entrepreneurial values into engineering practice. She is enthusiastic to serve as the career representative for the EECS department in the MEng program. Janelle is eager to utilize her diverse experience working in both industry and academia to connect current students with potential career opportunities in industry. In her free time, Janelle enjoys multiple athletic activities including surfing, horse-back riding and boxing.

Madeleine Waller is a Nuclear Engineering student at the University of California, Berkeley in the Master of Engineering program. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in May 2019. Over the course of her academic career, she has worked at the Rensselaer Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, Curtiss-Wright and the Los Alamos National Laboratory. In the future, she aspires to contribute to the design and implementation of small modular reactors.

Hi everyone! My name is Mike, and I am originally from Thailand but grew up in LA. I went to Brown University for my undergrad in biomedical engineering, and I’m excited about moving to New York after graduation. I love food (Thai food especially, shout-out to Imm Thai on University Ave), landscape photography and listening to Spanish reggaetón.

I am Sushmitha, a Master of Engineering student in Civil Engineering with a focus on Intelligent Transportation Systems. As a career rep, I hope to build a strong network for my batch mates to foster their career choices. I love challenging myself to learn new things and currently am learning Yongmudo-Self Defense. Reading books and meditation are my stress busters.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Varun studied Mechanical Engineering at Purdue University. While working as a Data Scientist at Cymer and an Interior Engineer at Tesla, he was challenged to stretch his comfort zone and deliver products within a short span of time. During his internships, he realized that learning new skills and understanding the business side of engineering enabled him to widen his creative thinking and problem-solving horizons. This is what brought him out of the cornfields of West Lafayette to the technological and cultural heaven that is Berkeley. When he isn’t working, you’ll find Varun playing football (the one with feet), hiking or taking a nap or reading on the beach.

Social Representatives

Social Representatives communicate social and recreational ideas and feedback among the student body. They also plan and implement cohort bonding events and are provided with an activity budget. They work with the program office to organize, staff and promote programming and social events.

I am hoping to work in the field of agricultural robotics, solving food insecurity and reducing the environmental impact of farming. Outside of class, I like cooking, TV, exercising and being social.

Hey everyone! My name is Anthony and I will be one of your social reps this year. Some quick facts about me: I was born in Hong Kong and lived there until I moved to New York City to go to an International Boarding High School. I love meeting people from different cultures and learning the languages of my peers who come from ALL OVER THE WORLD! I love playing basketball and guitar. Most importantly, I am really excited to be here and I plan to take advantage of all that UC Berkeley and the west coast have to offer.

A foodie who loves engineering, traveling and laughing!

Hazelynn is a current MEng student studying Mechanical Engineering with a concentration in Product Design. She graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from UC Santa Barbara in June 2019. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking and baking, exploring new beaches and attending concerts.

Hello. Salaam. Hola. Bonjour. Namaste. Annyeonghaseyo. Marhabaan. My name is Kian Talaei and I will be one of your social reps this academic year. I am currently a Master's student in Industrial Engineering Operations Research and actually completed my undergrad at Cal as well as double majoring in Economics and Biology. My hobbies include playing soccer, tennis, and poker, driving and going out with friends.

Academic Representatives

Academic Representatives communicate class-wide academic issues and concerns to core faculty and, when appropriate, to the program office. They act as the main point of contact for professors in reaching the students within the class.

I was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and I completed my undergrad at Purdue University. I am a passionate fan of almost all sports, and I enjoy getting to participate in as many as possible. I look forward to making a positive difference within the MEng program during my one year here!

I am a part-time student in IEOR and a full-time Applied Data Scientist at Atlassian. I was raised in Vancouver, completed my undergrad near Toronto, spent a few years working in New York, and now living in SF so I must say I experienced the east coast and the west coast lifestyles pretty evenly. I enjoy casual meetups at coffee shops so feel free to reach out if you want to discuss anything, from academics to fun things to do in the Bay Area.

Hi! I am a graduate student in Bioengineering. I am from Delhi, India. Before moving to the USA, I was working with Bain & Company. As an academic representative, I intend to bring improvements and structure to our MEng program, and to represent the academic requirements of my batch-mates. Beyond academics, I love dancing!

Three years of industry experience in multiple engineering roles at Shell Oil Company. Interested in using machine learning, math, and software engineering to benefit society. Love playing tennis, watching movies and being outdoors.

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech. Prior to starting the MEng program, I was working at a semiconductor company down in San Jose. I am passionate about circuit designs and applications of chips to form a working system, which was what I did for undergraduate Capstone Design. Outside school you will find me watching sports and shooting photos while hiking on trails. Something cool: I shoot films!

Communications Representative

The Communications Representative writes blog posts, takes pictures and coordinates with the MEng marketing and social media team to share their “day-in-the-life” MEng experiences, and helps to publicize the news and accomplishments of the MEng cohort.

Tiffany is a graduate Mechanical Engineering student participating in the Master of Engineering Program here at UC Berkeley. She can be found tinkering around in a maker’s workshop and plans to pursue a career in product design. Human-centered design and interaction design are her main disciplines of focus and she wants to learn more about how to integrate technology into people’s daily lives. In her spare time, she likes to do origami, photography, and play video games. Fun fact: she has a collection of 50+ postcards on her wall from her travels, friends and family.

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Berkeley Master of Engineering

Content hub for UC Berkeley’s Master of Engineering Program. Explore the many ways our students, alumni, and faculty are contributing to thier field.

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