Karoline Skatteboe on advice for aspiring data scientists

Edited by Anna Liang

Karoline Skatteboe is a data scientist, lead researcher, and head of US Operations at Spacemaker AI, a Norway based AI company developing design solutions for the property development sector. Spacemaker AI is a current Capstone Industry partner for the MEng program; Karoline talks to us about how she sees data science evolving and what key skills interested students should learn.

Karoline reviewing current student’s resumes at the Fung Institute’s Speed Resume Review event.

What interests you and/or your company in working with MEng students?

“For us at Spacemaker AI, working with the MEng students through the Capstone project is a unique chance to work with some of the best and brightest students. A lot of what we do involve navigating new terrains and we rely on fresh input from a variety of places, academia being a key contributor.

What is your vision for the data science in next 5–10 years?

I think the field will become more important and valuable as the reach keeps increasing. We certainly feel this way, and we operate in a very traditional industry-construction and residential real estate development. It has been cool to see how much that industry has changed just the last couple of years. I think in the next 10 years, we will see data science being used in many new fields. Additionally, while the cost of computing continues to decrease, I think we will see many new and exciting algorithms being developed.

What advice do you have for the next generation of engineers/data scientists?

Find an application you are interested in. I think with the field being expanded to many different industries it is important to pursue the types of problems that interests you.

How can they break into the field? What skills should they focus on learning in grad school?

I think learning applied skills are the most useful. I would suggest specifically learning to use cloud computing and version control. It has become increasing important to be able to write high quality code also for data science so spending some time on the fundamentals of software development will also come in handy.”

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