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The building blocks of the crypto industry were laid down a little over ten years ago. The birth of Bitcoin brought with it a new universal currency and advanced technology through the block-chain.

Since this time, the industry has witnessed exponential growth and has seen many entrepreneurs launch companies in order to further advance this technology. We have now entered a phase where organizations are building the infrastructure required to support further growth and mass adoption.

Levolution have positioned themselves to achieve this by supporting the funding vessel used by most companies to grow their technologies. Their vision is to create and develop the world’s leading utility token virtual incubator by offering end-to-end solutions for block-chain entrepreneurs.

‘Our mission is to create a comprehensive, user friendly, transparent and secure platform to reduce the costs and eliminate learning curves in launching ITOs while injecting solution-driven communal analysis and ideas, thereby rendering the ITO process more accessible, seamless, efficient and productive.’

How will they achieve this?

The Levolution platform will help those who wish to harness the value of token offerings, to create, develop, market, launch, and optimize their own projects. Levolution provides a variety of services, both during and after the ITO. There are 9 key areas within the platform as illustrated below and combined they create a unique virtual incubator for ITO’s.

The Levolution Platform

1. Pre-Showcasing Audit

2. The Campaign Builder

3. Campaign Manager

4. Service Provider Marketplace

5. Participant Acquisition

6. Custodial Service

7. Levolution Advisory Services

8. Intra-ITO Fund Management

9. Post-ITO Services

The remainder of this article takes a deeper look into the core elements of the platform and provides a greater insight into the unique ecosystem that is being created by Levolution.

The Campaign Builder

The platform includes a user-friendly ‘Campaign Builder’ which is aimed at simplifying and optimizing campaign architecture, thereby providing the best framework for creating a successful token offering. After completing a rigorous vetting process, project founders will submit a form detailing relevant information regarding their project, such as:

• An exhaustive product description

• Notation and biographies of team members

• Social media links including any video material

• Smart contract generation capabilities

• Wallet provisions

• Token generation opportunities

• Service provider choices that fit a variety of budgets and expertise.

The campaign builder will have the ability to generate smart contracts employing the Ethereum block chain. These smart contracts will gather all of the required data and settings of token offerings which include but are not limited to:

· Full name & abbreviation

· Price in Ethereum & total number of tokens

· Offering commencement and culmination dates

· Financial goals, and bonuses.

The campaign builder will also allow the team to collaborate and contract with approved service providers and advisors directly through the platform which in turn will enhance efficiency and save time.

The Campaign Manager

The Campaign Manager is designed to allow project creators to oversee all the details of their campaign. The dashboard provides the ability to track ITO progress and monitor the transaction history. A custom block-chain communication service is used for interacting with the platform and token smart contracts.

The implementation of the service uses the Web3 standard which is an interface which allows interacting with a local or remote Ethereum block-chain node using a HTTP or IPC connection. A unique caching system also ensures always-on and quick retrieval of results from block-chain operations even if delays occur.

Levolution Screenshot

Service Provider Marketplace

The Levolution Platform’s database of service providers is designed to create transparency and to help project creators find and hire quality organizations and individuals. Reviews and ratings are used to showcase those that provide quality services and are provided by actual users who have utilized these services in the past.

Project creators can filter providers based on their services and reviews and even seek community input in order to choose a service provider who fits their needs. Service providers fall into four distinct categories which include marketing, promotion, legal and programming.

There will be two different ways to contract a service provider:

1) Pay upfront for the services defined; or

2) Negotiate with project creators to be paid a percentage of the tokens sold.

Levolution will facilitate a smart contract between the applicable parties to ensure the negotiated prices, fees, and delivery of services between a service provider and campaign owner are carried out. Individual details can be arranged so that payment is triggered on completion of key deliverables or as per any other mutual agreement.

On completion of the work, project creators will be required to review the service provider which will, ensure confidence that ALL reviews have come from actual companies.

Participant Acquisition

The Levolution Platform leverages its participant acquisition by developing relationships with a vast network of sales teams situated throughout the globe in token offering friendly jurisdictions, such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. The sales teams will be able to reach potential participants and optimize their pre-sale, pre-token offering, and token offering stages.

Custodial Services

Market fluctuations throughout token sales can present issues for project creators as they set funding goals to fulfill the vision of the project. The Levolution Platform will offer an optional innovative solution to mitigate this risk in form of a custodial service. Project creators can protect their funds against market volatility, giving extra trust to contributors knowing that market volatility will not affect collected funds and those will be entirely designated to the project.

Levolution Platform Advisory Services

Levolution will advise on the business model, technology, fundraising and marketing and post-ICO services. Levolution will also cater for legal and accounts by partnering with reputable providers in this area. The advisory services will cover but are not limited to:

· Business proposition

· Token strategy

· The financial model

· White paper creation

· Market entry including token execution strategy and token delivery.

In order to further develop their platform, Levolution are currently in the process of their Initial Token Offering (ITO):

Token Sale Information

Token Type: ERC -223 Utility Token

Ticker: LEVL

1 LEVL = 0.002 ETH

Initial Token Offering: Now thru March 15th

Visit for more information

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