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Dogon & the path to Digitaria

Charm and mystery of an ancient wisdom

Capo Tribù Dogon’ & ‘Knight of Digitaria’.

‘Capo Tribù Dogon’ (left), ‘Knight of Digitaria’ (right), both mixedmedia, panel & canvas.
Pigments. Glued Brick Dust. Picture taken by the author.

Itinerary for your Spirit

Dogon, ethnic group of the central plateau region of Mali that spreads across the border into Burkina Faso.

After long years of refusals, the chief of the village tribe, Ogotemmeli, decides to reveal the mysteries of Dogon culture to Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, two ethnologists from the Musée de l’Homme in Paris.

Dogon Dancer. Festive ritual detail. Extract from documentary by the author.

The basket metaphor. The tribal chief speaks.

“This, which seems to you a simple basket, is actually the system of the world. The round base is the Sun, the square roof is the sky, this circle in the center of the roof is the Moon.
The ‘Nommo’, the eight ancestors of the Dogon, brought it to Earth containing the clay needed to build the granaries of our villages, which represent the universe.
In the granary, the stairs indicate the pairs of males and females who generated the Dogon, but also constellations and stars. To the north the Pleiades, to the south Orion, to the east Venus and to the west, the star with the great tail.
It all started with this basket.”

Everything reported by the Dogon with respect to celestial bodies is very ancient.

Thousands of years older than European astronomical discoveries.

Sirius B appears as a dot to the left of Sirius A. Hubble photo

The fact that the Dogon saw and see Sirius B is simply inexplicable.

Sirius is the brightest star in the sky, and until 1850 it was unknown that it had a companion, Sirius B: a white dwarf, so heavy and dense, that it can emit very faint light, first photographed in 1970, that rotates around Sirius in circa 50 years.

Dogon. Samana mask. Festive ritual detail. Extract from documentary by the author.
Syrian system in an ancient Dogon drawing. Sirius meets the Sun, and the two stars have similar masses



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