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Essentia means Oυσία

Aristotelic word ‘Ousia- ουσία’.

‘Essentia’ is the latin translaction of the greek, conceptually wider, Aristotelic word ‘Ousia- ουσία’.

This article is a quick deepening of a philosophical concept creatively expressed as a semi-abstract mixedmedia painting that intercedes with Aristotle’s ‘DeAnima’ poem; ‘’.
‘Essentia (Ousia)’ *detail — Picture and Painting by the author.

Ontological foundation of an ancient philosopher depicted as sensible movement matrix of Soul within human beings and Nature.

Mural relief with language engravings and Aristotle with his pupils. Stagira (Greece).

Substance (οὐσία) is the substratum (ὑποκείμενον), which, in a sense, identifies ‘matter’ (What is not something determined in act, but something determined only at power)

It means also essence or form (which, being something determined, can be separated with thought), and, in a third sense, it means the compound of matter and form.

(le, hysics, book VII, 1042a)

Let’s take this extract apart!

Word Ousia has to be considered as what conveys conceptual dimensions to which everything is sub-ordered: this means that, when we say that ‘Ousia’ is formed by 1–1–1, each 1 It is, in turn, ‘Ousia’ itself.

Substrate ὑποκείμενον (hypokeimenon) : the substance, which is the individual reality in its autonomous existence and subsistence generates the substrate as the opposite side of the general form, for example: stars’ engines’, Aristotle assert.

Not to be intended as a metaphor, but exactly as what, Aristotle’ explains, generate chemical reactions within stars’ core.

Essence (οὐσία 2nd) / form: (conceptually) linked to the word ‘substrate’, non-determinative of a form (shape), therefore divisible (with thought) from the form (shape), which is instead the most general aspect of the *essence (substrate).

Compound of matter and form.

‘Ousia’ is also the union ( what maintain united too) *matter and *form (shape).

Matter, Aristotle explains, is not determinative of determinative element/s of something, because it is, in Itself, determined by the ‘Ousia’ and not the *reverse.

Aristotle illuminates our investigation of deepest senses of invisible reality with a complex and narrow analytic fruit of the contemplation of Nature in its densest mechanisms.

This is what I try to achieve when I peruse something new, and my responsibility as an artist is the same as that of the sensitive observer.



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