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Lizzie Lind af Hageby: the Victorian Vegan and Suffragette

How one Swedish woman broke 1900’s British education barriers, moral prejudices, and even oratory records.

Lizzie Lind af Hageby (centre), on the left-hand side of another plant-based Victorian anti-cruelty and women’s rights campaigner, Frances Power Cobbe (bottom left).

It is April 23rd, 1913. Europe has not yet embarked upon World War I. Arch Duke Franz Ferdinand is still alive.




The aim of this publication is to learn from our history and culture in order to understand the dynamics of politics and improve the current state of movements for feminism, racism, and LGBTQ

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Rory Cockshaw

I write about science, philosophy, and society. Occasionally whatever else takes my fancy. Student @ University of Cambridge, Yale Bioethics alum.

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