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Racism Immediately After 9–11

American Muslims suffered

Photo by Julien DI MAJO on Unsplash

9–11 brought a lot of misery to the United States

Many people who are young may not be fully aware of what happened on 9–11. That was a day when four terrorist attacks struck in the United States of America. It was September 11, 2001, which has become known as 9–11. There were 2,977 people who lost their lives with over 25,000 injuries. There…




The aim of this publication is to learn from our history and culture in order to understand the dynamics of politics and improve the current state of movements for feminism, racism, and LGBTQ

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Floyd Mori

Floyd Mori

Floyd Mori, born in Utah, is a former College Teacher, Mayor, CA State Assemblyman, Consultant, and CEO for Nonprofits.

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