A sneak peek into the life of a school administrator.

A Sneak Peek Into the Life of An Administrator

I think we all know that the staff at our schools are working extremely hard to make online school possible. But I don’t think we realize how much work goes into doing so. Having everything virtualize may appear to make things easier than it would in-person. But having to constantly change everything on the fly depending on the current status of the world makes it quite the opposite. We have grown to somewhat understand the lives of teachers, but I don’t think we know anything about what our school’s admin does…

Their primary job is to make sure we are ready and confident to tackle the world ahead of us once we graduate. Just a fraction of their job includes “hiring personnel, providing feedback to teachers, helping students to solve problems, implementing district policy, making sure the building is safe, partnering with parent and community groups, providing building professional development, reviewing building data to inform decisions, participating in IEP teams, supervising at games, and many other things,”. While we are learning about machines in mechanics or critical points in calculus, they are busy assisting teachers, counselors, and classified staff. Sometimes, you may even see one pop into your class for observation once in a while.

I mean, that’s a LOT of work for one person, and most of it goes unnoticed by us students. Think about it: do we even know exactly what all our admin does for us?

It’s no secret that our administrators have meetings like us (although, this applies to even pre-COVID). They attend both scheduled meetings, which can last 30 minutes to 2.5 hours, and impromptu meetings, which are generally 5–10 minutes. Yet, the number of meetings they have each week gave me a bit of a shock.

If that didn’t tire me out just by listening enough already, it was nothing compared to how I reacted when I learned many emails she received daily.

Imagine reading and replying to all those emails and messages every day! I get lazy after just answering merely 5 emails. Before you get frustrated when you don’t get an immediate response to your next email, stop and think about how hard they are working to get back to you as fast as they can, because 30–80 emails for many is tiring.

…And this was just pre-COVID. Along with us students and teachers, their jobs have altered.

And we need to remember, through all this frustration with the pandemic- schedules getting changed, events getting canceled, clubs being restricted, sports being banned- they want the same thing as us: for everything to go back to normal. “I think, like everyone, I want everything to move quickly. But there are good reasons for following processes and procedures, so it’s helpful for me to remember that.” They have a reason for all these changes and modifications: to keep us safe, while still providing us a quality high school experience as much as they can. In fact, during this time, they are working hard to enrich this experience from the comfort of our homes, specifically figuring out ways to connect us when COVID-19 has taken in-person interaction from all of us.

Don’t forget that they can only work with what is within their control, which is virtually nothing. Yet, they were still able to build an incredible experience for us for the 2020–21 school year in such a short amount of time, trying to make what we had in-person at school available online.

So, how can we as students help? Tell them how you’re feeling about the changes. Give them feedback. Ask for help. This is the kind of data they need to evaluate the effectiveness of their implementations and see if they are headed in the right direction.

— Nisha Shastry, Program Management Intern

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