Let’s Debunk Some College Myths

Getting ready to apply to your dream school? Here are 9 myths about colleges to watch for during the college application process!

1. Financial aid is only for highly successful students.

Financial aid is for everyone as long as you have a guide.

2. The more volunteering, the better.

This is a common misconception that is, while still quite helpful to society, not so beneficial in the application forms.

Volunteer work is important for your college application.

3. You cannot apply for merit-based AND need-based scholarships at the same time.

The right to apply for merit-based and need-based aids, obviously, depends on the institution you are aiming for since not all of them would have the means to provide their students with both scholarships. Additionally, some colleges could grant you both aids but cut off the amount given, so you may receive less than you expected.

4. A non-Ivy League school cannot provide me with sufficient financial aid.

Even though this may sound like a no-brainer to some, a large sector of the student population succumbs to this fallacy- especially international applicants.

Financial Aid is important to consider when applying to college.

5. My extracurriculars must be academic.

Extracurriculars are one of the key components of any application; thus, it’s easy to believe that having all extracurriculars affiliated to the major or area of study interested will ensure admission into the college desired.

6. I cannot enter any colleges because I am an international student.

This myth could not possibly be farther from the truth. In today’s day and age, almost every high-education institution is striving to become more diverse and accepting of other cultures and nationalities.

7. My Common App essay should only be about my academic passions.

8. Letters of recommendation do not matter much.

At first glance, letters of recommendation might not seem like a significant part of your application form, but they are useful for the admission officers when evaluating you as a student.

9. Community Colleges are not a good choice for me.

Community Colleges are, unfortunately, far too often underestimated in the eyes of prospective students. In reality, community colleges can be a great alternative to those who want to pursue a non-traditional professional route, save money yet still receive a sufficient education, or simply ease themselves into the college environment before attending the traditional four-year program.



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