When Is the Best Time to Submit a College Application?

Rolling, Early Action, and Regular Decision

When is the right time to submit your college applications?

“I recommend that students start making a list of (potential colleges) and getting organized with the assistance of their school counselors and school community during that junior year of high school,” says Colleen Newman, executive director of admissions at the University of Colorado — Boulder.

Rolling Admissions

Early Action and Early Decision

  • It’s generally more efficient to apply a couple of days ahead of time, as most students delay until the tail end of the application due date to submit it; this puts the framework of the site at risk of shutting down or even crashing.
  • It will alleviate the student’s stress level to know that their application has been submitted.
  • They might have a better shot of getting an alumni interview. Alumni interviews are frequently offered when the student applies.

Regular Decision



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