Breathe Easier in a Changing Climate

The DailyBreath app was created to help those most vulnerable to outdoor conditions avoid their triggers

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Sep 19, 2019 · 3 min read

By Mickey Snowdon, Communications Liaison

“Industrial weather” in Lisbon, Portugal. Photo by Carolina Pimenta on Unsplash.

Worldwide, one out of every 13 people suffers from asthma, according to the Center for Disease Control. The chronic medical condition accounts for nearly 10 million doctor’s office visits each year, and asthma-related health and work costs exceed $80 billion annually. About 10 people die from asthma every day—even though many of these deaths are entirely preventable.

DailyBreath, a mobile app currently available for iOS users, was created to help those most vulnerable to outdoor conditions avoid their asthma and allergy triggers. The app helps vulnerable populations stay weather-informed, location-aware, and health-prepared when they step outdoors.

Utilizing local real-time data, DailyBreath calculates what’s known as the DailyBreath Forecast—a projected risk index based on the convergence of weather and environmental exposure thresholds that increase the relative risk of a patient experiencing symptoms or a flare-up. Eric Klos, innovator of the DailyBreath app, explains:

“We’ve translated climate science into a personal asthma warning system based on patients learning their triggers.”

When developing the app, Eric’s initial research informed his hypothesis that a convergence of specific weather variables mixed with air pollution and pollen created the perfect storm for anyone struggling with respiratory issues. But he needed a partner adept in climate science to confirm his findings and create a risk index that would form a sound foundation for the application.

Allergies, asthma, and air pollutants can make it difficult for many of us to enjoy the outdoors. Knowing your risk of certain triggers can help. Photo by cenczi on Pixabay.

Turning to his colleagues and fellow members in The Collider, he partnered with CASE Consultants International, an Asheville-based company whose mission is to connect businesses, cities, and other organizations with expert climate-focused solutions.

The CASE team dug into the climate science data to identify certain weather conditions that converge with allergens and pollutants to create higher incidences of asthma symptoms and attacks. This evidence formed the initial basis for the DailyBreath Forecast, which provides users with individualized, ever-evolving risk information about the weather, allergens, and pollutants they may encounter.

Images from the DailyBreath app. Users can create individual profiles, search local conditions, provide reports, and learn about air quality impacts.

While we may not be able to control our asthma triggers, DailyBreath gives its users the ability to make informed decisions when venturing outside. Wherever you are, breathe easier knowing you’re just a tap away from your own personalized air quality forecast.

An iOS version of DailyBreath — an innovation of ioHEALTH — can be downloaded from the App Store.

An Android version is expected to be available in the Google Play Store in 2020.

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