5 Grand Prix Winners:

Where are they now?

Cannes Lions can be wrought with career changes

CANNES, France — Caution! Twists and turns ahead.

Following the path of winners at Cannes can be a dizzying game of where are they now? So we took a look at all 15 Grand Prix winners from last year and discovered that 1/3 of them made career changes. We tracked them and laid out the changes so you could easily follow along.

If you win a Grand Prix at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, what’s in store? Perhaps a new job, promotion or title. Or, new opportunities to create more award-winning work at the agency you currently call home.

At the industry’s single largest talent playground, Cannes provides an opportunity like no other to recruit or be recruited — especially when a Lion is in hand.

Talent recruiter, Sasha Martens, who runs Sasha the Mensch, says that oftentimes people will make the change a year or so after winning and usually it’s more about the chance to do great work than it is to earn more.

“I don’t think people in this industry are intrinsically driven by salary,” he says. “They are driven by the caliber and quality of work they can do and pleasure they can get out of the work and success follows.”