What the hell is going on with Spotify?

Spotigate is a publicity nightmare, and a hardship for the company and their stock

Spotify. I’m sure that rings a bell. One of the cheapest music platforms, and one I use on a daily basis. Spotify reigns 31% of dominance over music streaming services, while Apple Music lays in second place (15%) and Amazon Music and Tencent Music tie (13%).

The underlying point here is that their ‘popularity’ or ‘relevance’ dropped by a whopping 1.6 percent just two days after the PR situation with Joe Rogan’s podcast. That’s insane for a streaming service with that much prominence, and especially in the given time period when price inflation hasn’t taken place in Spotify’s plans despite the grueling, increasing payment to all the copyright companies like Republic Records and Interscope.

For a music streaming service to drop in members like that is really shocking in my opinion, but it shows how politics has a great influence over our society. The whole Joe Rogan situation started with an interview with Robert Malone, who is a doctor with major involvement in developments of and towards the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine, and he identifies as a ‘whistleblower’, as well as referrences to him saying highly problematic racial slurs, which isn’t exactly a rarity for the internet to dig up slurs. What Joe Rogan said was absolutely unacceptable and disgusting, to state not only an opinion, but a fact, by the way.

Immediately, Twitter’s trending sections donned ‘#DeleteSpotify’, with users even ending their Premium subscriptions and quitting Spotify as an act of rage towards the platform. Joe Rogan has since apologized for his actions, but the internet hasn’t accepted his apology. The thing is, it’d be nearly impossible for Spotify to just remove his podcast out of the blue, considering that The Joe Rogan Experience is the most popular podcast in the entire world, never mind the United States of America.

Regarding that specific notion, Spotify’s chief executive, told employees that top-rated, exclusive content such as Joe Rogan’s show is needed ammunition in Spotify’s competition against tech giants like Apple and Google, which is probably another reason they haven’t taken his show down yet. Spotify made a statement regarding their free speech policy as well.

Not that many people listen to podcasts; they had their heydays, one in the early 10’s, and their 2015–2018 comeback, but ever since then, their popularity has plummeted so to hear about drama within Rogan’s podcast is a pretty interesting to me, just considering the downfall of modern podcasts.

Joe Rogan apologized, and that’s the truth, but to say it was a truly thourough one would be an understatement, considering his anti-transgender and racist rhetoric, to which he owes a full apology to those minorities if he wants to get a chance at his apology being accepted by society. Rogangate or Spotigate or whatever you want to name the situation had to be mere karma for his actions.



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