Do you know how people visit your Appstore page?

You can use Apple’s App Analytics tools to know exactly how people are discovering your App on the Appstore.


You don’t know exactly what drives your Appstore traffic. If you’ve seen an Appstore link it looks something like this

This will take the user to the right page but it doesn’t tell you, the app developer, squat about where the user is coming from. Not knowing that means you can’t focus your marketing efforts on the right places that drive traffic to your app’s page.


Add a campaign tag at the end of the URL to make it like this instead. Eg: You are posting a link to your app on a Facebook post, choose a campaign name like “facebook-post-august-16", or anything that you find suitable to tell you the source of the traffic.

Now your link looks like this

Open Apple’s analytics page and then select Sources will tell you exactly how much traffic that particular Facebook post is bringing you.

See their video for details

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