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The Community Fund: How We Source, Select, and Support Startups

What is TCF?

How do you define community-driven?

  1. 🙋🏽‍♀️ customers identify as members
  2. ✨ members are able to create value for other members
  3. 💸 members start the marketing and sales flywheel

How did TCF get started?

How did you recruit TCFs investment team and who is on it?

Access the airtable here.

What’s TCF’s sourcing approach?

  1. 🌐 the deep and wide networks that our investment team has fostered through their day hustles, expertise, investment focus areas, and communities (get the deets here)
  2. 🗳 our startup submission form at
Access the airtable here.

What’s TCF’s selection approach?

  1. ✅ First, we assess for alignment with our community-driven thesis
  2. 🕵🏽‍♀️ Then, we analyze foundational business/team elements (e.g., vision, market size, problem, solution, competition/differentiation moat, go-to-market/business model, traction/financials, roadmap/milestones to achieve, fundraise/use of funds, team/advisors/investors)
  3. 📝 That’s followed by an investment memo write-up, pitching it to the investment team + identifying a buddy*
  4. ☎️ After that, we run reference checks, review DD docs
  5. 💰 And if everything checks out we sign docs and wire money

What is co-conviction?

What does TCF’s support and value add to startups look like?

  1. ✨ Access to our communities Our team’s collective communities include: Latinx community, Republic, Lightspeed, LatinxVC, Women in VC, SoGal, Renaissance Collective, the Emerging Venture Capitalist Association, Women 2.0, Techstars communities, Global Shapers, Muslim Urban Professionals, Creative Destruction Lab, Next Canada, Female Founders and Women in Engineering communities, AfroTech, Management Leadership for Tomorrow, Forbes 30 Under 30 communities, Major League Hacking’s 65,000+ developer community, The Riveter communities, Y Combinator, Endeavor communities, National Black MBA Association, The Consortium, WeWork, underestimated founder community, Dreamers & Doers, AllRaise, Technolochicas, Drift, Republic, Catalyte, Flybridge, Fast, Snowflake, Blavity, Brud, and Squire.
  2. 👩🏽‍💻 Expertise Our team’s collective expertise includes: B2B, Sales, GTM, BD, SaaS, Finance, Ecosystem building, Consumer, Marketplaces, Product, Engineering, Martech, FinTech, Commerce enablement, Marketing, Startup Operations, Future of Work, Deep-tech, Engineering, Fundraising, Media, Mobile Security, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Developer Communities, and Business Strategy.
  3. 💰 Fundraising Our team can support fundraising strategy and liaison introductions to angel and VC investors in our networks. Beyond our general investor networks, our team has direct ties to the following investment vehicles: Flybridge Capital (our LP), Lightspeed Scout (Cheryl, Aaron, and I are scouts) Fund, Cannon Scout Fund (Aaron is a scout), Sam Altman’s Scout Fund (Dave and Sung are scouts), and Republic (Cheryl leads Partnerships).

“If I’m the founder of a community-driven company, what’s the best way to connect with TCF?”



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