A New Me

-Troy Gondola

Coming into college you can be who ever you want to be or at least attempt it. No one knows who you are, no one knows your past, and no one knows what you will become, a even yourself. Thinking this way, you have endless possibilities and you are capable of doing anything you think you can. My one “big” change that I wanted to accomplish during my first semester at UNE was to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Everyone talks about the Freshmen 15 and I did not want that to happen to me. But how will I maintain my status if im not doing volleyball everyday like in high school. The next best thing would be is exercise along with a healthy diet. So far I have mastered the healthy diet if I stay committed to it but it can be very easy to get away from it and enjoy the French fries and burgers at Decary. But with the help of my friends I am able to have half a plate of salad with all my meals, have fruit infused water instead of ginger ale, and only have ice cream on Sundays. So far I am pretty content with what “we” have accomplished for only the first half of freshmen year. My goal for the spring semester since I have Fridays off now I will have a whole day to be productive if I am not called in for substitute teaching in Biddeford. I plan on going to the gym with my roommate because we both want to stay healthy in this cold weather since we cant enjoy a nice bike ride anymore without freezing. I want to not just focus on eating well, I sometimes feel trapped here at UNE even though its an awesome school its not home to me. I cant go to Shoprite and work my shift or see my friends whenever, but I am here trying to become a teacher and make a future for myself by becoming something I never thought I would be until now. Sometimes we need to try new things and for others its okay staying in a routine but if you are happy with it then don't change a thing.


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