Entering Adulthood

Since I began my college experience at the University of New England in late August I have had to make my own decisions for just about everything I do throughout the day. Compared to high school when I had to ask my parents for permission before leaving the house, or had them there with me for help if I ever needed something. Now that I am off on my own I have become an independent individual. I knew that this would be the case, but I never realized how much I had depended on the help of my parents when I lived at home. I never seemed to appreciate all that my parents have done for me and how much time my mother has put into making dinner for her family of five every night. I know that this is just a taste of what the beginning of responsibility is really like, but it is making me grow into a stronger and more confident individual. With experience I know that I’ll only continue to grow into more of an adult. College includes more than just the education into a successful career, but it also provides students with a sense of what adulthood is really like and how to handle your own responsibilities.