Becoming a college freshman is similar to being thrown in to an ice bath. You have to leave the comforts of your parents and move to a place where you know little to no one. Some people get sucked into the inevitable homesickness or others end up becoming the people that they have always wanted to be.

My college experience has been a little different from that of any other freshman. I moved across the country becuase I really wanted something different and I was given the opportunity to to play lacrosse at UNE. It was all very startling coming from a small town where there’s less of a local population then undergrads on campus.

One of the only major changes that I went through was my level of independence. Even in the short few months between seeing my family they can tell you that I grew up a lot and finally became my own person. It really is a culture shock for a lot of freshman because they don’t realize what it is like to live without having your parents take care of you. For instance, one of the guys who lives on my floor had never done his own laundry till he got to college. This is all about the learning curve that is living on your own. In simpler terms my biggest change in college was adulting.

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