My first semester in College

It started off just like I expected it would. I came in the first day and was prepared and I was ready to take on what the school was going to throw at me. From the first day I expected all of study habits to be moderately okay, and that I would try and get a healthy sleeping habit. I just laughed at writing that. I laughed because I knew back then that that wasn’t going to happen. I knew I was going to mess up somewhere along the way. Coming to this school I experienced a big transitioning in my lifestyle. I was dealing from a backpack filled to the max with rocks of stress. When I came here, that backpack was thrown into the ocean. Hopefully never to see it again, and never even hear of it. With the dramatic release of stress it took a toll on me; Which I am no psychitrist but I can mainly assume that a suddon drop like that was not to good on me. Instead of gaining that “freshman 15” I had over achieved and did the opposite. I lost that freshman 20. To call this a change , I would say is an understatment. It was like I was re-born into who I really should have been. As I assumed from the start, this school threw me into all different types of directions and is spitting me out so that I can become the best I can be. But who am I to explain how this school run’s I only just completed my first semester in college.