The Laundry Basket

There are many things that change when you start college. Whether it be from buying your own food, or having to come up with better studying techniques. When it comes to my first big change I noticed something pretty drastic, that being laundry. You see laundry was never a big deal at my house, sure my mother forced me to do it every now and then, but if I waited long enough, my mother would eventually get sick of the sight and do it herself. Now being in college, I don’t have the luxury of having my mother see my pigsty and cleaning it up for me. That’s where the big change comes to mind, the thought of already going through two things of detergent in three months time seems crazy for one person, but I have found I like doing less laundry more often, therefore making it so my dwarf size dorm doesn’t turn into a black hole. All in all I never gave my mom credit for doing my laundry all those years, but now that I think about it I’m going to have to the next time I see her. I also have to make sure I tell my dad every chance that I can about how lucky he is to not have to do his own laundry. I may have gotten off topic a little bit there, but I have come to the conclusion that, as of now, the thing that has struck me most about my first year of college is that I have really change my laundry habits.

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