Fuck this shit just hit

When all you want to do is throw your hands up and say… I surrender.

The day after water damage in my apartment

A Horror Movie I’m Living In

It seemed like something out of a horror movie. It was so surreal I wasn’t sure if I was imagining it or not.

I wasn’t imagining it, water was in my home. Within a few minutes it had seeped into every single one of my rooms. I was being slowly, but surely, submerged in my own home as a coffin.

The list repeating in my head was what I needed, the essentials I could carry with me.

  • Documents, essential things you can’t possibly replace. If you can go online and reprint this documentation than leave that shit behind. For me it was my social security card and my birth certificate. Everything else is fodder for a printer to reprint back up.
  • Water, food, what have you. Maybe clothes if you have the time for it. I am that crazy person who has water shoes so I put my gym shoes and my other shoes up high. They survived the two feet of water. Shift everything to the highest point before you leave.
  • After the essentials if you have time the sentimental, which for me are things that fit easily within a bag.
  • Do not weigh yourself down too much because the current will be strong. So, it’s easier to fall in if you have too much weight strapped to your back and shoulders. Be careful and mindful of this, you will be wading in water. Or, if you’re rescued in a boat, be mindful there’s only so much space and room. There will be others with you being recovered.
  • If this happened again, which it may because this storm will be coming back, I would have a bag ready the night before. I just never imagined I would be evacuating my home. Then I never even in my worst case scenario imagined my home would be gone to me. So, prepare for the worst.

The Essentials Are Needed

For me I did my first trip and grabbed old photos to bring with me that I could never get reprinted or retaken. Luckily those photos were all ready in air tight ziplock bags because I’m weird like that and brought them back from a trip two years ago and never took them out. I’m so glad I didn’t because they stayed safe and dry.

A tip is to use Ziplock bags. Put your phone in a ziplock bag, seal it right, with all your electronic plugs do the same. I’ve always been the type to use them wildly even without water threatening to take everything down with it.

You know those grocery bags that are freezer bags that save the environment? Where you don’t need plastic bags and they’re reusable? Take them with you, especially the kind with a zipper. They will keep your stuff safer than luggage and relatively water proof.

Whatever you do, however hard it is, keep your mind rational and logical. If you’re on the first floor like me you will lose your home. Save your panic and tears for when you can rest.

If you’re daring and stupid like me, keep going out to save and salvage more things if you dare. I was able to but don’t stop because the water will keep rising. Go to the shallow points and realize you can rest when you’ve decided you have enough to survive in your higher level, vacant apartment. I would not recommend this for anyone, but if you are going to do this please be smart, careful, and as safe as you can be.

Remember always essentials, what is necessary to survive first. You will rebuild because we’re humans, we must move on even if our home is gone. We are adaptable, strong, capable of survival even in the basest environments.

For all those going through this Hurricane in the Gulf remember that people will help you. Your family, your friends, they will be there for you. Rely on them if you need to, and fuck your pride.

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