The Red Flower

Recently, watched a brilliant movie, my personal childhood favorite, ‘The Jungle Book’. Bhageera in the last section of the movie urges Mowgli to fight Sher Khan, not like a wolf, but like a man, not stripping himself of his originality. I couldn’t help but notice, how he runs and fetches “The red flower” and uses his skill to defeat the ferocious tiger.

Our life is also like that of Mowgli’s. It is not simple and exactly the same analogy can be used to defeat the Sher Khans of our life (read problems). Some reflections:

  1. Being natural is necessary. God must have loved you so much, that he/she must have broken the mold you came from, right after you were born. There is absolutely no one like you on this planet. Be you! Celebrate your uniqueness. You are a masterpiece!
  2. Swift action along with the right skill has to be used. Life is so immense, vast and beautiful. Don’t let your mind take the better of you. Take swift action to handle your own mind and then using the right skill to go defeat that tiger.
In no time, the passion in you, the fire, the red flower will catch on to the people around you. May the enthusiasm in you catch on to everyone and you make this life, a celebration for yourself and for the society.
This swiftness comes from the daily practices of Yoga and Meditation, the skill and naturalness is a gift from the nature / the divine.

Peace Out!

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