The triple ‘E’ mantra

“Eureka Eureka!” Michael shouted. He had finally decoded the mantra for being a successful employee to the multi billion industry that he worked for. The triple “E” mantra had finally appeared to him. The only question now remained was to figure out how to implement it.

Having interacted with a lot of youngsters in colleges or in schools, aspiring to be entrepreneurs, industrialists, corporate heads or in some way a significant bead in this huge chain of successful peers, one thing I have been asked multiple times, is how to attain this triple “E” mantra. Efficacy, Efficiency and Effectiveness.

The first step is of course to understand the basic difference between these three. Let us look at it one by one.

Efficacy, is the ability to do a certain thing. For example, the very fact that I am writing this article indicates that I am efficacious enough to be able to get my point across.

Efficiency, is the success rate of it per unit resource used. For example, how much time does it take for me to write this article, is my efficiency.

Being born in and Indian family, surrounded by engineers, the concept of efficacy and efficiency is something that has been ingrained into my system by my parents and teachers alike.

But, how to be effective was taught to me by my meditation teacher, H.H. Sri Sri Ravishankar.

Effectiveness, is how much impact you can have per a given task accomplished. To what extent does a task achieves its purpose is how effective it is.

Now the question arises, how to be more effective.How to get your point across in fewer words. The clearer your thoughts, the subtle sophistication of your expression and the force impact of your words all determine your effectiveness.

It can all come through a clear and a calm mind. A mind in the present moment that is spontaneous and ready to act in any given situation.

“Yogaḥ Karmasu Kauśalam”, tells Krishna to Arjuna in the middle of a battlefield, i.e. excellence in action is Yoga. The most simple and effortless way is through Yoga and Meditation.
This modern day world is our battlefield. Success is the war fruit. How to achieve it effortlessly is through meditation.

Meditation is an efficacious, efficient and an effective way to be more effective.

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