Your Business is Missing Out: 7 Reasons To Leverage Instagram Marketing in 2018

If your business hopes to reach millions of 18–45-year-olds, you’d better make sure you’re gaming your ’gram.

“There’s never been a better time to build your Instagram.”

Back at the turn of the decade, Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom’s then-girlfriend Nicole told him she probably wouldn’t post very often on their new app, because she felt her photos weren’t as nice as others’. Out of that discussion were born filters, which made people feel like their photos were worthy of sharing, and led to Instagram becoming one of the largest social media platforms in existence today.

The first ‘filtered’ photo ever posted to the then-prototype app that would become Instagram.

1. Instagram puts 500 million daily active users at your fingertips.¹

Out of those users, 80% are following at least one business profile, and roughly 133 million users are visiting new business profiles every single day. In short, if your business in any way hopes to reach consumers aged 18–45, you better make sure you’re on your Instagram A-game.

Instagram monthly active users by year (2018 is 800 million; source:

2. Visual storytelling is key to any marketing strategy.

If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a well-curated Instagram profile is worth millions. That’s because, as much as we like to think we’re rational beings, people tend to respond more positively to the familiar, the beautiful, and the extraordinary.

Luckily, you don’t have to be a creative professional (or have one on your team) to create amazing photos and videos. As I touched on earlier, Instagram features a suite of filters to improve your image quality. They’ve also developed an arsenal of photo retouching options that are more than enough to take any photo from banal to beautiful.

To stay relevant, brands must pump out steady, quality content—a daunting chore for many marketing teams. To address that, we’re offering à la carte content creation packages that pair your brand with professional copywriters and designers to take the weight off your shoulders and increase the quality of your content along the way.

We’ll dive into content creation more in our live trainings, but for now start to consider the visual effect that a user might get when they visit your business’s website or Instagram profile. Are your images reflective of your brand and your target customer? Does it make them want to keep scrolling to see more?

3. It boasts the highest engagement rate of all social networks.²

Unlike Facebook, which filters newsfeed content using complex, behavior-analyzing algorithms, Instagram stays true: every single one of your followers will see your posts, every time. That’s why your Instagram profile will see much higher engagement rates than other platforms.

Most brands see nearly 10x higher engagement rates on Instagram (right) versus Facebook (left).

If that’s not enough to convince you, we’ll also throw in a little statistic reported that 75% of Instagram users take action (like visiting your website) after looking at a brand’s post.

4. It’s arguably the best platform for community building.

One of the best ways to build a brand with a cult-like following is by leading and participating in everyday conversations on Instagram, which paints your business as an industry authority. Over time, people begin to remember your brand and—even better!—think of your brand when they think of the things you’ve taught them about.

That authority puts your business in a position to help people even before they’ve considered buying from you, and leads to the brand awareness I mentioned and likely upticks in sales down the road.³

5. It gives you valuable insight into your competitors’ behavior as well as best practices in other industries.

As marketers, we should always be curious about how our competitors are behaving. Are they using Instagram to chat it up with potential customers? Providing technical support? Running contests or incentivizing interaction?

If your competition isn’t doing much on Instagram, even better. You can get a big head start by studying how trendsetting brands in other industries are connecting with users, and then trying out those techniques for your own business. In fact, we’ll go over some of those methods in greater detail during our upcoming live training sessions.

6. You can easily learn about your performance and followers.

Perhaps Instagram’s most valuable feature, Insights offers basic analytics that show how your posts are performing relative to one another, demographics information about your followers, and top times and days to post.

The downside to these analytics is that they’re relatively basic and only stick around for 7 days. To solve this problem, our program logs the data for you, and combines it with other sources like your Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel data. This creates history, which is essential for understanding data, and can help discover trends over time that lead to better business decisions.

This might all sound pretty cookie-cutter, but I’d wager that there’s no better way to holistically understand how your brand and marketing strategy are performing online.

7. You can now sell products directly on Instagram.

Recently, we announced that Instagram has rolled out a killer new shopping feature that is adding a new dimension to how brands connect with their followers on the platform.

Qualifying businesses can now link to products directly on Instagram posts!

This goes hand-in-hand with other features Instagram has been steadily rolling out, like adding clickable #hashtags and @mentions to profile bios, and “swipe up” links in stories for users with 10,000+ followers.

The long & short of it?

There’s never been a better time to build your Instagram.

Exceed your boldest business goals.

If you’d like to start leveraging Instagram to exceed your boldest business goals, we’re currently accepting applications for our 3-month accelerator bootcamp packed full of expert strategy, live workshops, and some top-secret growth tools* to help you game your ‘gram.