Consciousness: The Art of Self-Awareness

If you are not aware of yourself, how will you know what to do with your life?

I find the word consciousness to be a word that many do not fully understand mainly due to its use being general or in context of a particular story but it’s SO much more.

Some embrace it to be a sort of self-awareness in surroundings, others consider it to be an awake state on a spiritual level. Many even consider it to be a collective knowingness of one’s identity. But what about the WHOLE of us all?

When one understands consciousness, one begins to free themselves from the mass conditioning of limits (fear consciousness), and projects themselves into infinite intelligence (abundance consciousness). In short, they realize that self-awareness is not just knowing the concrete version (ego mind, based on fear and limits) of one’s identity, but rather how they fit in on the GRAND scale of us all as ONE consciousness. We are interconnected and what one does impacts the whole.

So as we embark on a journey to dig deep into the minds of those we admire, respect, and desire to emulate, let’s get a full grasp on what consciousness means to us in order to set the stage for this project.

We view consciousness to be an awakening to ourselves as part of something bigger than just our own person. We not only see how our actions affect the whole of us all, we understand on a cellular level that even our thoughts are impacting the whole. Each of us is separated only by a physical body but this tends to limit the mind to perceive that we are all individuals and one cannot affect the other. BUT in truth, at a soul level, we are all contributing to the evolution of our species in vibration through thoughts, habits, choices, and daily beingness.

When one finds a new level of truth in their life, vibration of the WHOLE consciousness is raised. This is highlighted in the book Power vs Force by David Hawkins, Ph.D, M.D.

There is a powerful rise of conscious entrepreneurs who are seeing that business has the potential to change the world IF and WHEN it is done FOR the greater good. When this awareness kicks in, it’s like a whole new sense of self awakens, and the entrepreneur sees that it is not only THEM that is doing the work FOR them…they feel and KNOW that their efforts are channeled on a deeper level as well as being future-driven.

These brilliant minds are able to anticipate the needs of the future populations and embrace the knowing that we cannot simply focus on what is NOW, we must create something that impacts the future with positive change. Their services and products address the needs of the future and help to inspire us to see beyond our current limits. Through the experiences we have with their offerings, our world is made better and we are both changed for the better.

So we encourage you to read with care, curiosity and delight as you open your mind and heart to seeing the world through their eyes. Let your mind wander into greater possibilities and begin to see yourself as a being who is capable of unlimited greatness.

If you have any insights along the way, please comment on the post so we can celebrate you. If you have any questions, please post them as well so we can address your curiosity. If you see that special something in an entrepreneur out there who is living with this level of self-awareness and would like us to review their work in this publication, please contact us at with the subject line SUCCESS CONTRIBUTOR

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