Remember: Follow the White Rabbits

Do you have a fictional character that you relate to most? Sort of like your spirit animal in imaginative form…

For me it’s a cross between:

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Alice in Wonderland:

She has a voracious curiosity for the impossible, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” Her story is threaded with quantum mechanics, “Alice:How long is forever? White Rabbit:Sometimes, just one second.”


Who developed superpowers of reading, shifting, and integrating with energies, she became ego-less in a state of total oneness with everything once she unlocked 100% of her brain’s capacity…a fascinating topic and passion of mine! I have spent years studying and testing out methods of manifestation to unlock more of my creative potential.


And Laura Croft…

For her overall courage, badassery, athleticism, and passionate pursuit of adventure.

As one who’s extremely curious about ancient civilizations, religions and lost cultures, I resonate with Laura’s later story lines as an archeologist hungry for experiences in the supernatural.

I can watch these movies and feel as though there are clues to seeing myself in a different light…to awakening more of my potential and BEING greater.

It’s really how I clue in and choose to live my life…

I’ve often said that once we declare a new direction, and walk forward in faith, the Universe will send us clues…aka white rabbits…to guide us down the rabbit hole. However, instead of judging them as illogical, we must embrace them with absolute curiosity the way Alice does in order to grasp the full experience of the shift in consciousness.

There are clues EVERYWHERE and yet…

Most of us deny their presence due to a lack of seeing a correlation between what they see and what they believe is true.

Unfortunately, many clues go unnoticed due to a fear in one’s self belief that they’ll be judged for going “mad” in following said clue.

At some point, we have to stop caring what others will think and start exploring life FOR the sake of experiencing things others are too afraid to.

People don’t change the world because they allow their logic to determine their destiny. Logic is based on perceptions of past experience…not on forward-thinking potentials.

If Elon Musk let the logic of the average minds deter him from developing Tesla Motors

We would have waited years for power stations to be built across the country BEFORE creating the electric cars to be developed to the degree they are today.

Instead, Musk created the demand FOR the power stations by seeing the future and meeting it halfway.

We have to have a sort of odd way of thinking to beat the status quo and only those who are courageous enough to challenge it will shape the future for us all.

My tricks:

When I have a new goal or vision in mind, I go to my imaginary Board of Directors for guidance and clues outside of my realm of thought. It’s a visualization tool I learned from Napoleon Hill’s book: Think and Grow Rich.

On this imaginary Board of Directors, I have both real life and fictional characters to balance out my resources.

I’ll ask for perspectives based on:

Opinion for best approaching the situation or person I’m dealing with

Experience members of the board have had in similar situations

Guidance how to to resolve conflict or create success in the outcome

Clues on what I may not be able to see and how to show up differently

And so on…

It gives me a chance to get out of my head and into my imagination where ANYTHING is truly possible.

When we talk in terms of quantum mechanics and the ability we all have to create our own reality, we cannot discount the power of our imaginative faculties. They are VERY powerful tools that allow us to explore what’s possible, above and beyond what currently is, such that we begin to make room for new opportunities to manifest.

For me, this process requires both curiosity and courage to debunk my own theories of reality in order to really let loose in the grand adventure.

If you want to change your life…

You have to be willing to challenge your own beliefs about it.

You have to be willing to laugh at your pitfalls and shed your attachments to identity.

You have to be excited to reinvent yourself daily and willing to follow the clues life sends you as each of them leads you in the direction of the very thing you have asked for.

Manifestation is a skill that demands imagination and playfulness in order to work.

Without imagination and playfulness, you’ll be just another crusty grown up, pissy about life and complaining that you can’t catch a break.

How can you be more playful today? What clues is life telling you to follow, like a white rabbit down the rabbit hole, toward a new reality?
About the author:
Alida is an Intuitive Life Strategist, student of comparative religions, and co-owner of Mind Soul Fit OC in Newport Beach, CA. Her coaching company, Ambassador for Goodness, hosts various workshops on mindfulness, spiritual entrepreneurship, intuitive eating, art therapy, and relationship success. This blog is also a podcast called Wisdom Nuggets and can be found on iTunes, Anchor, Google Play Music, Overcast, Pocketcasts and almost anywhere podcasts are found!
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