Stop trying to escape the 9–5 and learn to be present where you are FIRST!

There is nothing easy or graceful about entrepreneurship. It’s not some happy go-lucky fluff life that’s coated in sprinkles and unicorns…it’s a grinding, grueling test of wit and character that will challenge everything you’ve ever thought about yourself and reality.

I once heard Preston Smiles say that “growth is like childbirth: messy and painful but in the end it’s one of the best experiences we’ll ever have.”

Such is the same with entrepreneurship.

True beauty is found in the desired perfection of our craft in every act, not in comparing ourselves to an outer perception of what perfection is. There’s an internal drive so strong that we become relentless in our pursuit of excellence. If we truly want to create magic in our lives we must be willing to make mistakes and fall flat on our faces without owning these experiences as failures that we identify with for life. We must be willing to get back up no matter how tough it gets to keep hacking away at the overal mission.

When you’re in a job you hate, it’s easy to see the fancy posts on IG of people promoting the good life and think…

“If I become an entrepreneur, I won’t have to struggle anymore! My job sucks and my boss doesn’t appreciate me anyway, so what have I got to lose?”

Stop. Just stop.

If you try to escape your current situation by jumping ship to what seems beautiful and lined with glory…you’ll be sadly mistaken when you arrive to find it’s no easier nor delightful than your last job. While on the surface the benefits may outweigh the negatives, the quick rush of joy in your newly found freedom will be soon replaced with fear of uncertainty and confusion as to what you should be doing with your time.

Preston Smiles also said:

“The grass is always greener where you water it.”

Being in a crappy job is not a good enough reason to start your own business or go into an MLM. This is why so many businesses and newbie MLMers fail in their first year…lack of clarity and mediocre self management are NOT tools for success or sustainability. We must be willing to look at where we are currently and commit to practicing excellence IN the moment if we want to understand HOW to self-manage.

It’s in this desire for personal excellence that our true purpose is revealed.

A question came through on my live Scope this morning “but what if I want to escape a mundane job?”

This is the perfect time to develop your character! Mundane is a surface judgement, a distraction created by ego to project blame of boredom onto something outside of ourselves. Who says you can’t practice excellence in the mundane? Who said you can’t do everything in your power to be the greatest person who ever did that job? Who said you can’t work with each mundane task to be better at it each time you perform it? Who said you have to be brainless and numb in the experience?

It’s all about perception. If you’re choosing to complain or whine about how boring it is…you’re doing it wrong.

In my own experience, I found that doing mundane tasks in my job gave me the chance to learn more about myself, to better myself with each rosette I piped in the bakery, and to sort out my thoughts of who and what I wanted to be overall. When I was ready to make the jump, I knew more about myself than I would have ever learned by simply blaming others for my demise.

Being an entrepreneur takes balls!

Balls enough to do the things you don’t want to do, to make sacrifices when you don’t want to, to deal with conflict you’d rather avoid, and to pick up the responsibility for the entire project where, as an employee, you could have “blamed” failure on someone else. Really though, if you fail at anything, you have only yourself to blame. Just because it’s not written in your job description, just because you aren’t getting paid to do it, just because someone else isn’t doing their job, doesn’t mean you have valid reason to slack in your efforts.

YOU are the only one responsible for your success.

Entrepreneurs get this! They know that their results are based solely on their efforts. Before you jump ship, I would HIGHLY recommend you learn this for yourself.

Being self-managed also means we must take ownership for planning out our day. I call it Time Hacking as time management is just not scientifically possible.

We have to learn to manage ourselves through prioritizing tasks and alloting time to only that which serves the overall mission. Whereas so many people are fighting against responsibilty to make time for things and people who are irrelevant to their overall success (spending countless hours on Netflix marathons and scrolling aimlessly on social media streams) it’s those who truly know their mission and purpose that find it their duty to align priorities and values with action and habit.

I heard Gary Vaynerchuk say in a recent #DailyVee that spending 15 hours a day working IS his self-time. To the outside world, his efforts may seem obsessive. It’s those who fear change that judge this to be obsession and these beings have never truly given 110% effort to anything in life. A true entrepreneur has found a way, as Gary has, to do what they LOVE and are most passionate about AS a service to the world. In doing so, they become the living, breathing example of what true consciousness of self looks like. They find a way to make work play, and play work.

Being an entrepreneur is not simply about making money or being free to make your own decisions, it’s a lifestyle that allows us to LIVE our purpose day in and day out.

The truth about Universal Laws

If you spend time seeking escape from the 9–5, you’re saying to the Universe “Please, save me! I’m miserable and can’t take this suffering anymore. Show me a way out!” Which translates to “Suffering…I’m a victim…Scarcity…” and so, the universe delivers more of that by way of magnetization.

This isn’t fluff…it’s SCIENCE.

Quantum physics SHOWS us that thoughts are creating reality. Take Gary for example. A highly skilled, relatively simple guy who wants nothing more than to be the best. His efforts are relentless and his drive shows it. He’s so focused on the end result that he’s engineered his life in such a way that success is inevitable! His growth at this time is exponential because he’s dialed into exactly what he wants and doesn’t waste time to contemplate anything that does not align with his goals.

He shows us that a clear vision, and a beingness in-faith that Plan A is the ONLY option, gives the Universe the go-ahead to manifest the life to match it.

Now, I’m not saying you need to go to “extremes” in your hustle to succeed. What I AM saying is that escaping from suffering will only lead to more of it. You have to BE the change you wish to see in the world if you are serious about experiencing it!

Instead of focusing on all the reasons why you can’t succeed, focus your efforts, attention, actions and habits onto a precise vision of excellence so much so that everything in your life calibrates TO it. Be ballsy enough to eliminate the baggage, to shut out the mindless complaining, and change yourself from the inside out. Be humble enough to admit your faults, failures and mistakes up to this point and commit to stop making it worse. Be open enough to seek wisdom and guidance from those who’ve succeeded before you.

It’s on YOU to create success…and wealth…in your own life. Only excellence in your present moment awareness, coupled with aligned action, will manifest true success. Don’t be afraid to be an employee until you feel you’ve mastered the art of self-management. If you’re already an entrepreneur, and this article hit you hard, take a long hard look at your life and decide where you are denying your excellence. Commit to openly and honestly make the changes necessary to step up your game.

Remember, escaping is only an illusion. The real truth is in your here and now.

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