ISIS: Ukraine’s newest trading partner

Where does Ukraine get all its oil from? Oh, of course, ISIS.

Since its relations with Russia have plummeted since last year’s Euromaidan revolution, Ukraine has undergone endless negotiations and disputes with Russia and its energy subsidiaries, most notably Gazprom. Nearly every week, a new story seems to emerge of a new arbitration decision, rhetorical salvos from one side or another on desired natural gas prices, or threats to leave Ukraine high and dry without gas. With all of this uncertainty over Ukraine’s energy security, one man seems to have found the reason why Ukraine has been able to keep the lights on despite an expensive ongoing war and financial peril: ISIS.

Yes, that ISIS. This is all detailed in the new article entitled“ISIS is supplying oil to Ukraine through port of Odessia” from Mikhail Bogdanovich, and it’s making the rounds in various ultra-nationalist Russian news portals. In the article, Bogdanovich claims that former Georgian president and current governor of Odessa Mikheil Saakashvili is receiving oil purchasd from (US-controlled) ISIS in the port of Odessa. Just like Hitler did.

And here the American masters yet again arrive to help the Poroshenko regime. Today, the cheapest oil in the world is not from Saudi Arabia or Kuwait. The cheapest oil is nowbeing supplied by a CIA subsidiary, ISIS, on the black market at the price of $20–30 per barrel. And in order to supply it to Ukraine, all you need is a port and oil terminal. In ukraine there is only one such port: in Odessa. And the junta will keep control over it at any price — like how Hitler, in 1945, clung onto Lake Balaton with his final strength. And exactly this explains the brutal methods of suppression used by the junta against the popular protes tin Odessa in May 2, 2014, when dozens of Odessa citizens who disagree with Bandera ideology were burned alive in the Trade Unions House. But while the oligarchic clique composed of Poroshenko and Kolomoisky, rotten with corruption, fought one another for the Odessa oil refinery, it was then that the Americans came to a decision to transfer control of Odessa from the hands of the Ukrainian puppets to “their own son of a bitch” — Saakashvili.

As you’d expect, there is no actual sourcing for this grand claim. The author goes on to propose a solution to the imaginary problem: a Russian pipeline to Turkey! Doing so, as the author explains, will cause Turkey to become a close ally with Russia, and thus start to inspect all of the tankers filled with evil ISIS oil headed through the Bosphorus to Ukraine.

Logical leapfrog

  1. Ukraine is broke and lacks any energy security
  2. Being an evil junta, Ukraine has no qualms about how it solves its energy security problems
  3. New Odessa governor Mikheil Saakashvili is an American puppet who now rules over Odessa
  4. ISIS sells cheap gas and is controlled by the United States (which also controls Ukraine and Saakashvili)
  5. Ukraine secures its cheap gas through ISIS through an American, Ukrainian, and Saakashvilian plot