A Fictional Conversation with a CMS/CRM/Social Media Management Platform Developer

Being Sincere, Not Snarky. Excuse My Tone, But Please, Give Me What I Want.

Hi there, CMS/CRM/SMP developer. Can I talk to you for a second? I’d love to have an opportunity to discuss what you’re building right there.

Yep, that’s right, for your social media management platform. Sometimes I call that a CMS as well because it all begins and ends with content, right?

Cool. Cool. Cool.

So, if I could just have your attention for just a few minutes, I have something that I want to get off my chest.

I really like the minimal look and feel of the UI. Really, great job. It makes me think that you guys take a progressive approach to design, are influenced by whitespace, and prioritize the exclusion of barriers in UX. Great stuff. Less distractions.

I also like that you have reporting on your platform. It’s so important for us users to be able to report to the people we need to report to using reports. Really, really swell stuff.

And task management? You got it! I love it. I can assign and complete tasks with the click of a mouse. Super. Can I export my tasks? Oh, no? Ok. We’ll I am sure you guy/gals are working on it. New features and all.

But, let’s talk a little bit about content.

I like content. I create it. I crowdsource it. I repurpose it. I share it. A lot of these things are done in your platform, which is just fantastic. Love it. I can schedule things, even in bulk! That comes in handy when I want to schedule my Merry Christmas messages from now until 2082. So I don’t forget it. Really super. Oh, and a queue! Queues are great, right. I can queue things up at a specific, predetermined time and predetermined day. Productivity, right! Proactivity!

All great, great stuff.

So many features. So many different services out there. There’s Hootsuite. SproutSocial. Buffer. Hubspot. Edgar. Tweetdeck. I don’t know, there’s probably a million more. Oh wait, now there’s two million more.

Automation is not scheduling is not productivity. But giving me options empowers me to empower my content

Now that we’ve covered all the great stuff, let’s get real. And for all I know, there’s the perfect CMS/CRM/Social Management Platform out there that has everything I need to create, organize and share content.

Maybe? (If there is, call me — 260–469–0859)

Disclaimer: Only call me if you have all these features and your pricing is competitive and not just-inflated-because-enterprise-pricing-is-inflated-for-everyone-that-is-not-a-Fortune-blah-blah-company.

Back to me. Back to my needs. Back to content.

Here are my needs, and I don’t think they’re that crazy. I am just a crazy content strategist, though.

1. Give me zero distractions

Give me a place where I can share my content. A text field, perhaps. Give me a field where I can place a URL, to a website, perhaps. Give me a place to insert Meta data, if Meta data is applicable. Give me the ability to check what type of Meta data I am inputting so that I can choose appropriate check box. Give me a character count for everything; for every field I can update content too, perhaps. Give me an option where I can upload or link to an image. Tell me what the max MB is when I exceed it. Give me an actual visual representation of the pushed out content. You know what, just give me the damn CMS and I will finish it myself. Sorry about that. We both know that I don’t have the training, knowledge or qualifications to do what you’re doing. I appreciate you. You do you.

2. Don’t give me multi-channel publishing, give me omnichannel publishing

Yes, I want to connect everything. No, I don’t want to use three different publishing platforms, 8 native apps, and a partridge in a pear tree, when I share my precious content. I want to give it wings, so it can fly. Fly far, far away. Yes, I want to publish to Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, Snapchat, Tumblr, WeHeartIt, YouTube, Vimeo, Slideshare, and Medium simultaneously. I NEVER will, but I want that ability. I want the ability to pick and choose where my structured content goes without having to use 16 different platforms. Make it happen. Please?

Automation is not scheduling is not productivity. But giving me options empowers me to empower my content.

3. Give me unlimited tracking of keywords, brands, accounts, topics, tags, and content

Give it to me all. Why can’t you? Is it a bandwidth thing? Maybe it is. But I want to be able to track and monitor every damn word that I want to, dammit! Why are you trying to cramp my style? If I get information overload and suffer from acute #FOMO, that’s on me, not on you. YOLO.

4. Give me a mobile experience that doesn’t absolutely suck

Mobile is great, huh? We like to think so. People seem to like using their mobile devices to read, watch video and interact with each other. Who knew? Anyway, we’d really love a mobile CMS that gave us a platform that actually allowed us to (create and) share content effectively and efficiently.

Here’s an idea for the UX of a mobile app:

  1. *Open app
  2. Click a big “create” button
  3. Create content/write. Click next when done.
  4. “Would you like to add an image?” YES, as a matter of fact I would.
  5. “Would you like to add any native features?” No, not right now, but thanks for asking.
  6. “What channel do you want to use to share this on?” So, glad you asked.
  7. “When do you want to share it?” How about tomorrow at 11:23 a.m.?
  8. “Do you want to place it in a queue for additional future shares?” Yes. With a 2–3 week increment until 2018.
  9. Share (and scheduled).


  1. *Open app
  2. Click big “listen” button
  3. Review notifications and mentions.
  4. Click message
  5. “How would you like to respond?” By @reply
  6. Write reply.
  7. “would you like to respond now or schedule it for later?” I love you.


  1. *Open app
  2. Click a big “create” button
  3. Create content/write. Click next when done.
  4. Click share immediately.
  5. Choose channels.
  6. Share.

With this approach, the actual process of sharing a piece of content is controlled by the user and his actions. I like it. I think I would use it. Guided feature choosing that can be as deep as needed or as fast and agile as needed. Again, this approach lets me be in control. I like being in control. I’m a control strategist.

Silver Bullet with Butterfly Wings

Now I know that there isn’t a silver bullet. No panacea for my condition. Atlantis is just a wet dream (I mean, because it’s supposed to be a sunken city… Right?). But, I have to believe that there’s an option out there that has everything I want.

I am selfish, you see. It’s all about me and my content needs.

I need things. Things that help me be more efficient so my clients can be more efficient. Stuff and thaaaangs.

But, I understand that my options may be limited. Whether it’s a price point aspect, a functionality, mobile user interface issues or whatever. I might have to build something myself. After all, I wouldn’t be a content strategist if I didn’t have a few tricks up my sleeve.

Thank you for listening. You have built some amazing things in the past. Now build some more amazing things. But think of my needs while doing so. Actually, don’t think about me. Think about the content.

Tell me I’m the only one
Tell me there’s no other one

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