WTF is content strategy?

I don’t know. Sometimes it feels ridiculous to call myself a content strategist.


Most of the time, I feel great about what I do. But. I am getting content overload. It’s like content has gone from a tangible commodity to a buzz word, something we throw around when we’re not able to describe exactly what it is that we’re describing.

Only sometimes.

Working with content is less about finality than it is about the concepting; pre-strategy is greater than the post-syndication.

It’s about (figuratively) living inside someone else’s brain.

Some just throw stuff to the wind and bellow out loud, “look out our content. Look at our beautiful content.” I don’t blame them. It’s fun to get recognition. But at that point, it’s less about the user and more about yourself.

That’s not what content strategy is about.

Content strategy is about giving yourself wholly to the whims and expectations of the user. It’s about (figuratively) living inside someone else’s brain. About learning and anticipating their reactions. It’s about creating experiences that the user will seamlessly… have. Without the praise. Without distractions. Without barriers.

That’s what content strategy is about.

It’s about educating stakeholders. Creating processes. Establishing structures and hierarchies in systems that allow a person, organization, brand, to speak to the users, no matter where they are, what device they are using, and how many there are. It’s about spreadsheets.

I am just now figuring out the power of content prototyping. Using the core model. Content modeling. All these great IA and UX methods that are changing the way we create and publish content. Changing the climate from telling to asking.

I love being part of the growing community of content strategists. In Fort Wayne, Indiana and around the globe. It’s a giving community. A sharing community.

I love learning new tricks, methods, and techniques every day. And I think that’s one of the inherent traits of the content strategist. The willingness to learn. Nay, the compulsive need to learn. To get better. To advocate.

Turn that WTF around. Because that’s what content strategy is all about.

Content strategy FTW.

At least that’s what I think right now. It might change in the future. Sometimes things change.


Let’s tweet together. I am @niclashulting. Okthxbai.

Photo credit: Flickr