Homemade Fresh Pasta Recipe — Trofie

A Recipe, ANYONE, Can Make

Having grown up in Liguria, a north-western region in Italy, I was fortunate enough to grow up eating all the delicious local dishes. As much as I normally dislike stereotypes, there is no way of denying that a huge part of the diet revolves around carbs, from bread to pasta — and everything in between. There’s a reason why Italian cuisine is so popular worldwide, and that’s because it can be as easy as you wish for it to be and customizable to suit your preferences; all you need is a good starting point. Here is a recipe for super easy homemade pasta: fresh trofie. The beauty of homemade pasta is that you can see exactly what goes into your food. Anyone can make this — trust me — and all that’s left to do is finish the dish off with your favorite sauce.


Trofie is a type of fresh pasta commonly used in Liguria. They have a characteristic spiral shape and traditionally are served with Genovese pesto — however, I found they work amazingly with red tomato sauce too. This isn’t a super traditional recipe at all, but one that is a quick way to make some fresh pasta in a rush, and I find it’s just as convenient as it is good. This recipe has only 3 ingredients and is also vegan.

To make trofie for 2 people, you will need:

  • 200 g of plain flour
  • 100 ml of warm water
  • A pinch of salt


  1. This barely requires a method as all you have to do place the flour, water, and salt in a bowl (or stand mixer ) and mix them with your hands until they come together as a dough. You may need to add up to 20ml extra water depending on the flour type, but this should not be a wet dough at all.
  2. Cover with a damp cloth and let the dough rest for 10 minutes.
  3. Move onto the counter and cut into smaller pieces, so it’s more manageable. Roll the dough into a long log about ½ an inch in diameter.
  4. Take out some (clean) scissors and literally cut the dough into thin strips. You’ll notice they will start curling up a bit. You can perfect the shape by gently twisting each of the trofie or leave them as are.
  5. Boil them in some salted boiling water for about 5–7 minutes.
  6. Drain and serve with your favorite sauce.

I hope these turn out as well for you as they do for me! This is a great recipe for those who may never have tried making fresh pasta as it is super quick to make and basically fool-proof.



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Giada Castagnola

Giada Castagnola

Grew up in Italy and developed a love for cooking and baking. Hope to share delicious, accessible recipes for anyone to follow along to!