Matcha almond drink

Matcha almond drink

A vegan drink that seduces the eyes and the palate: a foamed almond drink, sweetened with maple syrup and flavored with matcha powder.


Beverage per 2.5 l glass

1,5 l of almond drink
½ tsp matcha (powdered green tea)
0,25 l of water, hot
1 teaspoon of maple syrup
a grip of vanilla sugar

How to proceed

Preparation: that. 5 minutes

Heat the almond milk and froth it with the milk frother or whisk it vigorously with a whisk. Meanwhile, melt the matcha in a bowl of warm, not boiling water (approx. 80 ° C) with a whisk or bamboo whisk.

Pour the maple syrup into the glass and add the milk with the foam. Top with matcha tea, sprinkle with vanilla sugar, and serve.

For a more intense almond aroma, mix 1 teaspoon of white almond cream with the milk.
Replace the almond drink with cow’s milk or a vegetable drink of your choice.
Replace the maple syrup with honey.

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