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Egg and Potato Breakfast!

Who does not like eggs? Who does not like potatoes? Aren’t they the best combo of carbs and proteins for breakfast!!

Original Photo By Samana Qaseem (author)

I usually focus on breakfast because it is one of my most favorite meals of the day. I personally enjoy it the most. Also, when I am doing One Meal A Day (OMAD), I prefer to take a wholesome breakfast.

For Scrambled Eggs:


2 eggs

1 small breakfast sausage

3 tbsp milk

2 mushrooms

2 Olives

Olive oil


Break the eggs in a bowl, beat them add milk to it. keep beating until fluffy use a fork.

Now take a pan to add 2 tsp. olive oil, let it heat well add the egg mixture to it.

Cook it on medium flame for about 3 to 4 mins. Make sure it doesn’t stick to the pan or gets dry. Now when the egg is ready, just add the mushroom, olives, and sausage sauté for 2 more mins. Ready. You may add cheese if you want. I didn’t add since I am on a diet plan.

Original Picture by Samana Qaseem (author)

Pan-fried sauteed potatoes are generally a great side dish to go with a creamy steak at dinner also. These can be eaten with a lot of other dishes too. It also makes a great pair with scrambled eggs. It usually takes around 30 mins to cook it.

For Sautéed Potatoes:


2 medium-sized potatoes (cut in cubes, peeled and boiled)

Rosemary Herb

1 garlic clove (peeled and minced)



Olive Oil


Peel the potatoes, cut into cubes, boil them. Make sure they don’t get very soft. Drain them.

Take a pan, add 2 tsp. olive oil. Let it heat now; add potatoes. Add salt, pepper, rosemary herb sauté it add minced garlic. Now sauté it for 3 mins.

Voila ready to be served!!!

Enjoy this yummy wholesome breakfast!

Original Picture By Samana Qaseem (author)

Pair it with tea/coffee for ultimate taste!!

Check out the honeydew chicken recipe here! It can also be paired with the sautéed potatoes!

Also, if you add Hummus to it, it will turn into a complete meal (lunch or dinner)

A complete meal is ready for that special date night!!

Tried it? Do leave a comment!

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