The Case for Home Cooking: Even — Perhaps Especially — for One


photo by the author

Restaurant dining, take-out orders, meal prep and delivery services, convenience food … so many alternatives beckon us not to cook. So why do we?

Of course, some of us don’t; even the pandemic didn’t change that. But there are those of us who still manage — in spite…




“The CookBook for all” intends to showcase the varieties of foolproof recipes from all over the world. A single place for all Aspiring chefs & Avid cooks to showcase your culinary skills as well as to share cooking tips, hacks, knowledge and food reviews

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Dara O'Brien

Dara O'Brien

Dara O’Brien is a freelance writer based in New York City. When she isn’t cooking or writing about cookbooks, she writes plays and sometimes acts in them..

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