Cool men listen

And not just to the football talk-show

If you are someone in your 20s & 30s and think that feelings are for pussies, this is for you (and you are not wrong).

Statistically speaking, you’d be a successful male, seemingly winning at life. You have a lucrative job and possibly other perks of life: house, some type of fast vehicle you absolutely love riding in/on; holidays whenever and wherever you decide. Bunch of guys around you who you call your best friends. Savings, investments, expensive alcohol (you might be of any gender, if that applies to you, read on anyway).

You are past all that wandering about chasing your own tale, and you know way better what you are about.

I am not here to lecture you, brother.

Nor to make you feel bad for your hard-earned success. It took endless hours of work and determination to get where you are. Inspiration. Even a bit of genius, if I may say so myself.

You are winning at life, and you are damn proud of yourself.

As you should be!

But there is something missing, and you don’t like to think about it. If even the smallest inkling of it rears its head, you shun it down.

How do you shun it down?

Why, I don’t know. You tell me. Do you drink a little too much? Have a little too random sex with strangers? Dive into computer games? Work a little too hard? Use mind-altering substances? Hang with the guys with beers and watch football?

None of those activities is inherently bad (as long as you’re not hurting your body and/or it is all legal).

Then why am I even talking?

Hang with me a little longer, and I will tell you.

It is not your fault. It really is not. We live in a society that has for decades taught men to:

  • Man up
  • Be a man
  • Don’t be a pussy
  • Don’t be such a girl
  • Be cool, man
  • Crying is for babies (and pussies)
  • Have some balls, man

And that last one, is heavily misinterpreted to mean stop deviating from all the above.

There is no help in sight, everything seems lost and there is no other way.

Time for you to change your narrative. Now.

Step 1: Ask yourself, honestly: “What is missing in my life?”

Photo by Lianhao Qu on Unsplash



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