#CreativeFiles: Hip-Hop/R&B Artist Kidswithsoul

Fresh of his sophomore EP release “From Under” and a headlining performance at The Paper Box, Kidswithsoul is ready to take over the Hip-Hop with his unique sound. For our latest installment of #CreativeFile, we caught up with the 23 yr old artist to talk about how he got started, what music has done for him and what’s next for him. Check it out!

Name: Kidswithsoul

Age: 23

Location: Staten Island, NY

When did you start making music?

I was singing in the stairwell of my high school (sophomore year) with my two friends. When the chorus teacher heard my voice he demanded I be transferred into his class, soon after I was harmonizing with the tenors/bass in chorus and by junior year I started doing solo’s and performing at all school events. I didn’t start making original material till my second year in college.

Whats the most rewarding thing about creating music?

It keeps me sane. I put all my sorrow and scrambled thoughts into music and it makes the world clear to me. A sense of reward comes from seeing others relate to personal things I express whether I’m having fun or lost in my dark thoughts. Music gives me purpose.

How has being from New York influenced your music?

Being from New York has given me a wide range of experience to talk about in my music but I was never a fan of the initial sound that the city has been known for. I want to show the darker side of the city in a distorted kind of way to say the least. Nonetheless it’s one of the greatest cities in the world.

Whats next for Kidswithsoul?

I would like to stay true to myself and tackle different sounds for the most unique vision. Create a sense of unity and infinite possibilities among all genres. I have a lot of visuals & music for the world to hear and I’m excited to share but music is just the first stop. I hope to be a creative, humanitarian, and political Icon one day. Shape the culture then shape the world.

Be sure to check out his latest video “KING” as well as his EP “From Under”.