#CreativeFiles: Rapper & Producer Chris Oeaux

At the young age of 22, Chris Oeaux seems to have coined a unique sound both in rhymes and rhythm. Producing his own beats, Chris’ music is distinctive and his visuals are equally captivating. For our first installment of #CreativeFiles, we caught up with Chris to talk how he got started, his influences, and what’s to come. Check it out!

Artist: Chris Oeaux

Age: 22

Location: Bronx, NY

The Cool.: When did you start doing music and what was the moment you realized you could possibly make a career of it?

Chris: I started making music when I was in the 8th grade, if I remember correctly. I was 14 years old and my older brother who recently passed away had downloaded FL Studio 8 on our home computer but got frustrated with the software. I began to become intrigued with the software and kept fiddling with everything in it until I eventually figured out how to organize the sounds the program came with. It wasn’t until I got to my sophomore year in high that I actually considered myself a “producer”

The moment I realized I could make a career of it was when I began to write lyrics and record my own songs, which was about 3 years ago in my Super Senior Year in high school. My older brother who goes by the stage name “StevOD” had began to rap and eventually recording over my productions, which inspired me to begin to write and record over my productions as well because I’ve always wanted to be just like my older brother.

The Cool.: How did growing up in the Bronx influence your music?

Chris: Growing up in The Bronx influenced my music in many ways. If you ask me, I don’t think the Bronx has a “specific” or “defined” sound. Seeing artists sprout from the Bronx as I grew up (both established & up and coming) showed me that the Bronx doesn’t need a definition because we create with no constrictions or categories. In other words….We just make good sh*t.

The Cool.: What made you gravitate towards the electronic and synthesized sound?

Chris: I consider myself to be a producer in the “information era” and I learned most of what I know about creating music from cyberspace (a.k.a the internet) within the comfort of my own home. The only thing I had was VST plugins and a digital audio workstation, so to make up for real instruments that I didn’t have I downloaded free VST plugins which typically gave me a synthetic reiteration of a real instrument.

The Cool.: So..what’s next for Chris Oeaux?

Chris: Well..follow me on Instagram & Twitter (@ChrisOeaux) and you’ll see lol.

Check out “TomorrOWLand” ft. Jae Tips, Kalipop and A.dubois & “Trappin’ Again” ft. Connie Diamond.

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