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#RIPVine: The 15 Vines That We Will Never Forget

In a statement via Medium, Twitter announced in the coming months they will be discounting Vine. This is extremely sad news because Vine gave us some of the best 6 seconds of our lives! From providing live clips during the Ferguson protests to some of the funniest sketches and moments to hit the web, Vine kept us in tune with what was REALLY going on. You see before there was Snapchat, Periscope, Twitter videos and Instastories… there was Vine.

So it’s only right that we pay our respects and say RIP to Vine by celebrating some of our favorite Vines. Check them out!

1. Come and Do It For The Vine!

2. Laugh now, Cry Later…

3. The Vine that Destroyed our fav NEXT song in the most beautiful way

4. Classic Moves

5. Oh ya’ll thought Young Thug originated this??

6. Just when you thought Hotline Bling couldn’t get any better…

7. Today’s forecast

8. Nobody’s safe

9. Whose you favorite Baller again?

10. When you get a little too comfortable out in public with your side dude

11. … You are not the father…

12. When your friensd say you ain’t go no hops but you’re determined to prove them wrong

13. When the inspirational sermon goes left

14. Because sometimes you just gotta bust a move when cleaning

15. When you try to figure out how’d you end up at this point in life

#RIPVine. You will greatly be missed ❤️.

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