Copy Tip Monday — Delivering on Your Promise

Copy Tip Monday — Delivering on Your Promise

How to prove that you can deliver on the value you promised to provide to your clients with or without tangible data.

I’ve said before that breaking into copywriting can be a very lucrative part-time or full-time business.

However, it’s the getting started part that seems to trip up and scare so many new writers. If you’ve never been in the industry before, you don’t have any testimonies to back up your claims. You have no proof. No validity. No identity. No nothing! (shh — double negative. I know, I know.) What do you do when writing your first marketing letter? How do you prove to your prospects that you are the one that’ll be able to solve all of their needs? How do you give yourself a leg up, against the tenured competition, as a copywriting genius?

If you’re brand new, it certainly isn’t with testimonies and data from other clients. If you still haven’t had your first job yet, you can forget about giving your clients the peace of mind that they’re dealing with a known and reliable copywriter.

You must rely on your other skills, previous experience, and passion. Sell on what you can do for your clients — create a product, market that product and record the results. Show that you’re a, motivated, self-starter. Spill your guts to enough prospects, consistently, and you’ll get a bite. Then you do the work. You’re already studying your craft, writing daily, and am actively engaged in related communities… right? By the time you get your first gig there should be no reason that you’re unable to deliver. I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again, and I’ll say it all the time — consistency is the key to EVERYTHING. Actively do. Start, continue, and never stop being engaged!

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