Copy Tip Monday — How to Sharpen Your Copywriting Skills Daily

Copywriting tips and thoughts for all copywriters

RISE AND SHINE! After you stretch, yawn, and leap out of bed to get ready for your exciting day, are you seizing the opportunities to improve your copywriting skills and good copy recognition? From the shampoo bottle in your hands during your morning shower to the commercials in between the news while you have your morning cup of coffee to the menu at the pub you go to with your coworkers after a hard day of work, there are tons of opportunities to check out different styles of copy.

Audit your time and see what you’re doing and when. How are you utilizing your time? Not only is that good for business and time management but that is great to see what opportunities that individuals and companies unintentionally present for improvement! Even if you’re not looking to take on new clients, it’s an opportunity to sharpen your chops and see if you can come up with something different.

A sample of any given day can look like this for me:

7a: Wake

7:15a: Shower (opportunity)

7:45a: Coffee & News/Social Media (opportunity)

8a: Work (customer engagement, writing, social media engagement, calls, emails, etc) (opportunity)

12p: Lunch (If restaurant, huge opportunity with menu, twitter & other social media) (if packed, huge opportunity with twitter & other social media)

12:30p: Work (customer engagement, writing, social media engagement, calls, emails, etc) (opportunity)

5p: Home — wind down (emails, social media/ twitter engagement) (opportunity)

6p: Dinner (If restaurant, huge opportunity with menu & twitter) (if home and not with family, huge opportunity w/ twitter/ social)

TRY THIS: As you start to document what you’re doing during your day, you will begin to see all of the opportunities to use your down time to improve on your craft. Just look at all of the opportunity during my work day, as well as during my idle time. Fifty percent of our time is wasted on extended coffee and lunch breaks or doing tasks that have no productive relation to our profession. However, IF you do end up taking extra time doing something that isn't directly related to your profession or work tasks for that day you can still be productive during that time. Use that time to sharpen the saw.

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