You are a Copywriter

Why every businessman, entrepreneur, and being who wishes to deliver value to others is a Copywriter first.

The following three words sum up the article but I promise I’ll elaborate.

Content is King.

This is a phrase said by modern marketing enthusiasts every single day. The idea is to create ad copy, sales copy, email copy, blog content, writing scripts for videos, and so much more in order to deliver free content through social media to those that have a potential interest in the field in which you are involved. The content creates genuine value others with a return that isn’t necessarily understood by “old school” marketers, selfish & greedy individuals, nor those who do not genuinely care about helping others. The return on the investment of spending time, effort, energy, money, and brain power, is the trust, loyalty, gratitude, support, and in turn the purchase of a product or service of which you established yourself as a trusted expert or advisor.

No matter what kind of business you run, if an individual can’t Google some help about a field that you are an expert in, find your website, and get some added value without reaching for his or her wallet then you are leaving long term support on the table.

However, no matter how hard you try, your intentions will always be transparent. In the public eye, it isn’t terribly difficult to tell when you’re doing things for the wrong reasons. Even if it is difficult to tell, you will be generating a conversation, and as you well know, negative conversation spreads like wildfire online in Facebook comments, YouTube comments, tweets, and in all avenues and alley ways of the internet.

TRY THIS: Go write some copy for the greater good. Provide that value for individuals without expecting consumers to buy something. The worst Call to Action is an aggressive purchase without much perceived value from the individual or company. Do it simply because you know what you are talking about; do it because you care; do it because other people need what you know.

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