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The Core Message


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文章… 到底好在哪裡?

老實說… 我那時真的不知道。

1. 寫的很假掰,有時也有用處


  • 我沒有寫 “low point”,而是寫 “nadir”
  • 不是寫 “toned down enough”,而是 “sufficiently moderated”
  • 不寫 “fits with”,而是 “accords with”

2. 專業之餘,還是要玩點文字遊戲

專業歸專業,偶爾還是要來點文字遊戲,讓讀者「喔」一下,不然一直用 “policy speak” (政策的語言,無聊但是精準),沒人想要看下去。

3. 但遠比文筆還重要的,是寫到人家心坎裡




Btw #1:Who is Andrew Yang?

當時台灣也有一位 Andrew Yang,是非常有名的國防軍事專家,好像還做過國防部長。我的文章出來後,一些人誤認為是他,還寫信給他說文章很好,但他為何跑到美國當實習生🤣。他一頭霧水,email 給我老闆問到底是怎麼一回事 (我好朋友Eric 老師表示:如果要往政治/政策圈走,改名成 Andrew Yang 好像不錯 lol)。

Btw #2:Did I go to New York?

沒有。我後來決定不去。但… 為什麼?

Taiwan Needs to Change Its Tune

Less than two months before the Taiwan presidential election, incumbent Chen Shui-Bian unexpectedly finds himself accused of having sunk U.S.-Taiwan relationship to a historical nadir. Compounding situations are misperceptions by Taiwanese policy-makers and advisors alike of opinions and moods in Washington that have led to their failure in mounting an effective campaign to explain their positions. To halt the freefall in its international standing, Taiwan will have to rethink its diplomatic communication strategies. And as there appears to be little chance of resolving disagreements over the referendum, Taipei will have to get over this ugly episode, and begin engaging Washington more effectively on numerous post-election issues.



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Andrew Yang

Former presidential speechwriter. Now helping CEOs and founders tell better stories. Co-founder of Presentality