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Four Startups Entered the Ring. Which Emerged Victorious?

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Team 1:

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Team 2:

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Team 3

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Team 4

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  1. The judges (composed of investors) each picked one favorite. Only two of the four teams ended up being picked.
  2. The audience of eminent experts (meaning I had no idea who they were) voted on the top team.

Drum Roll…

Why I think Team 3 won

  • Connect: Begin with something that seizes people’s attention
  • Offer: Give a clear and differentiated product/service/approach (*key being differentiated!)
  • Reinforce: Give strong proof that you can deliver on the promise
  • Execute: Deliver your presentation in a way appropriate to the medium (in this case, an elevator pitch)
  • Connect: They started strong by noting that an autonomous future still lacked an all-weather sensor. The importance of this is instantly understood.
  • Offer: They offered a clear and differentiated direction — others may bet on other technologies, but we believe in radars.
  • Reinforce: They went with the two obvious but effective proof: money raised and traction. This was conspicuously absent in some of the other pitches.
  • Execute: They got all this in within 60 seconds.

Talk Future, not Feature

P.S. They had a kick-ass answer to a question



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