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How to Tell “Strategic” Stories About Your Company: Part 1

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Your Stories Reveal Who You Are

There is a LOT of advice out there on how founders should pitch and tell stories. Most of them focus on the WHAT—which information to include, how to arrange them, the data, etc. — and the HOW— how to project confidence, hold your body, move your arms, lower your voice, etc.

Heroes smash barriers

Heroes have incredible devotion to a cause and equally incredible drive. The stories they tell are about a problem they care deeply about, and how they employ both creativity and persistence to overcome adversity.

The hero will keep fighting no matter how many barriers are in their way

Generals pick their battles

Whereas heroes can be single-minded about the challenge before them, generals begin their stories not by charging right into battle, but by standing back and surveying the entire battlefield.

Generals survey the entire field to find the best entry point
  • Competitive landscape (is everyone crowding around a certain space?)
  • Regulatory changes (favorable law changes on the horizon?)
  • Technology shifts (has someone built tools we can leverage?)
  • Etc.

Founders Need Qualities of Both

We believe that both heroes and generals are needed— heroes have the devotion and resilience of fight through obstacles, while generals offer the strategic thinking to find the best course.

We believe that even for first time founders, it is possible to train yourself to think — and speak —strategically like generals.

*Yes, the thinking part is even more important than the speaking.



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Andrew Yang

Former presidential speechwriter. Now helping CEOs and founders tell better stories. Co-founder of Presentality