a soul moment

there is a knowing.
it is time.
there is no other way.

@thecorppsychic via @instagram

this is a moment of the soul
calling us home.

so I urge of You, when these moments come, leap.

and you will be caught.

and you will realize that you ARE the river for which you flow.

there is no need to fight the currents or go upstream.

you are safe.
you have your back.

and watch the whole world shift to hold you,
that you may take up space.
You may grow.

so that you can take in all the wonder, and all the power, and all the greatness,
that is You.

so that you may come home.



When we have an idea, feel the spark of inspiration, hold onto a deep desire or dream — that is spirit. TCP is here to make the spirit work real and tangible so that you can pursue and express your most authentic self in all facets of your life and career.

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