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In April 2017, we’ll deploy over 100 luxury and exotic cars in Los Angeles for daily rental. No deposit will be required, and rental rates will be up to 50% lower than traditional exotic car rental companies.

Today, renting an exotic car sucks. The exotic car rental industry is extremely fragmented — consisting of small regional players. No single brand holds a discernible advantage over the others. Without any regulatory oversight or industry leader in this space, brick-and-mortar exotic car rental companies thrive with questionable business practices and zero incentive to improve the renter experience. It’s the wild, wild west.

Would-be renters are faced with:

  • Excessive, (and often arbitrary) deposits
  • Exorbitant daily rental rates
  • Laughably antiquated technology
  • Discriminatory practices based on race and gender
Without any industry leader in this space, brick-and-mortar exotic car rental companies thrive with zero incentive to improve the renter experience.

Corsa is exotic car rental, reimagined. We make exotic car rental easy and affordable.

We’ve created a platform that allows luxury & exotic car owners to list their vehicles for rent by highly-vetted renters. Renters can rent any car they want, whenever they want, from a community of exotic car owners across the U.S.

Corsa has effectively democratized the high-end car rental market. Here’s how:

  • No Deposits: We’ve leveraged technology to eliminate the need for deposits. Our machine-learning algorithm uses predictive analysis to vet renters. While our proprietary in-vehicle security device feeds the algorithm with data on driving behavior.
  • Lower Rates: Our inventory’s growth is pegged to the speed at which we acquire users, not the speed at which we can obtain expensive dealer credit lines.
  • Ease of Use: Renters can book Corsa vehicles instantly through the Corsa mobile app. Once rented, owners can track their vehicle’s location in real-time, all through the app.
  • Anti-discrimination: Leveraging technology removes the potential for sub-conscious human biases playing a role in the rental process.

Corsa was born from the belief that the barrier to entry for renting the finest cars in the world is artificially high. We’re thrilled at the opportunity to lower that barrier and put your dream car within reach.

Welcome to Corsa.

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