Psychedelic Activism in the Age of Ignorance

I realized something, these days all the assholes and morons are sounding off with their half baked ideas in politics. Anti intellectualism has become very popular. People are actually proud of their ignorance and think voicing bigotry is their patriotic duty. Meanwhile I’ve been silent in my psychedelics activism, I’m afraid of coming off as some crazy hippie malcontent. I look around me and all I see are jokers and clowns proud of their ignorance. Why should I care what people will think of my activism? In an age of creeping fascism and mass stupidity is it really that controversial to be a psychedelics activist? Screw that noise, I’m gonna advocate for medical uses of LSD, mushrooms and cannabis. Right now groundbreaking research into psychedelics is being done across the world and I want to help that research continue. I don’t want to stop there, I want to change the way society views these medicines. I also want to prevent the abuse and misuse of these substances. The only way to stop the misuse of these substances is to bring it out into the open and start a dialogue. That’s how you control the use of a substance, not through prohibition and putting people in jail but through education, regulation and dialogue. It’s time to actually deal with the drug issues plaguing this country. Too many issues are swept under the rug in our society because it’s a taboo to even mention it. It’s time for all people with a conscience to speak their mind. It’s necessary if we are to successfully navigate the difficulties that we face in the 21st century. This is necessary work that must be done if humanity is to change its self destructive course. Forget making one country great again, it’s time to make humanity great again.

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